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About this site : For a Better Ignorance

For a Better Ignorance

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For a Better Ignorance

Nicolò Tedeschi interweb portfolio and generic garbage collector.

Graduated at the Art Academy of Verona in 2012, I'm an interaction designer and artist, currently working on the use of games and videogames as a contemporary artistic and narrative medium.
Since 2010 I co-founded and direct the studio Santa Ragione, based in Milan, along with my friend and colleague Pietro Righi Riva. We two also launched Lunarcade, an event and workshop about indie games around the world.
I worked on game projects like FOTONICA, part of the 54th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art and recently selected as the "25 Best Mobile Apps" of 2014 by Apple. MirrorMoon EP, selected as finalist for the Nuovo Award at IGF 2013, Wheels of Aurelia, spotlight premiere of Fantastic Arcade 2015 and many others.


- mail: nicorobinson/at/santaragione.com
- twitter: @niguloto
- flickr: niguloto
- tumblr: recordari - il catalogo
- anythingelse: niguloto

Places of Interest

- http://santaragione.com
- http://lunarcade.it

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