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Recordari : For a Better Ignorance

For a Better Ignorance

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Recordari (2012)

Recordari is a collection of ideas and experiments on memory and time.
Take into consideration a medium capable of registering informations through time (capable of memory) like a piece of paper: what happens when we fill up all its "memory" space?

If I draw a point on a paper it might define a specific moment in time. Given the tools, a pen and a paper, each point I'll draw will be the expression of a single moment in time. But what happens when the paper is full of dots, and they are so close to one another that all we can see is a seamless black surface?
The ability of that object to juxtapose one moment in time to another is gone. That object is incapable to remember new informations to the point where all the informations collapse into one, single, infinite monochromatic memory.

A reversed clock overwriting itself. A series of short writings digitally printed all on one single sheet of paper, and a software that accumulate frames of .gif images on the screen instead of refreshing them each frame. Recordari experiments on different supports to generates strange - almost monochromes - artifacts through data accumulation over time.


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